The STEM Cooking

EVENT Series

Bring the entire family for a deliciously fun time – cooking while integrating STEM in a natural, meaningful context—with delicious results. They will learn about measurement, patterns, chemistry, properties of matter, cause and effect, and make a memorable moment of healthy, happy eating habits.

Asthma Killer

Webinar Series

“An average of 1 out of every 12 school-aged children has asthma. 3.4 percent of children with asthma are more likely to use a hospital emergency room.” Just a month ago I witnessed a Mexican mother at the hospital reception desk trying to get a form to remit her son who had been out of school since his asthma attack while attending school.  She was explaining that her son cannot return to school without that form. How many school days did he have to miss?

Kids Pick

Webinar Series

In our webinars our mission is to provide valuable S.T.E.M related education, training programs and tools containing fun and informative, high media content related to S.T.E.M – highlighting the positive impacts in training with S.T.E.M at the earliest stage now and in the future. Your participation in our webinars offers you the latest, cutting-edge information and training related to STEM products and toys; giving an edge in growing your knowledge and taking your classrooms and every day life to the next level!